We will conduct all necessary setup of applications and environment. Different support options are also available.

Technology Transfer will go through all stages of development, providing your company with detailed report after each phase completion. Follow with technical documentation and any additional deliverables.

The main programming languages, frameworks and technologies used in the development:
Java, C#, PHP, Spring, .NET MVC, Mono, Bootstrap, jQuery, RequireJS, NodeJS,
JavaScript, Windows forms, git, maven, SQL & NoSQL DB (MySQL, PostgreSQL,
MongoDB), j(n)Unit, Hibernate, Alfresco, Activiti/ Camunda, Mule ESB, Hybris.

  • Solution Development
  • Office Integration
  • Hardware Configuration
  • Strategic Consulting

  • ​For Online Travel Agencies
  • For Travel Management Companies

We leverage a diverse staff of Domestic and Internationally based, technical developers and our Executive Team will provide a consultative approach to your project requirements and overall business needs.

This alliance has a proven track record which allows us to present the best solutions to our clients, in a dependable and predictable manner. Our team and overall community of highly skilled professionals are committed to your goals while exceeding your expectations. Our commitment to excellence and diligent effort, fortify a global footprint of client relationships.

Founded on trust, honesty and reliability, we welcome the chance to serve you while on boarding your company into the Technology Transfer community!

general Services

  • Web Development
  • Custom Application Development
  • UX/UI, Front-end, Back-end
  • IT solutions development

  • Travel
  • Office Management 
  • Financial 
  • Legal


it services

Technology Transfer can help you with achieving any website projects that you need. Technology Transfer has an impressive team of graphic designers developers that will make any of your ideas come to life. 
They also work with many WordPress themes and templates to speed through projects in an efficient an effective manner.

assist and evaluate

Tech Trans

Focused on your mission critical needs

Focused on your mission critical needs!

Coding and Development

We will evaluate all aspects of your company needs and give you our professional recommendation on possible solutions that would best serve your company. 

For many years Technology Transfer Corp. has partnered with Enterprise organizations, to provide professional resources for dynamic, mission critical needs.

Setup, Deployments, Support